Mirror Work

I see no changes!!! As Tupac Said!!

Things don’t change. We don’t change. I know I will get a lot of criticism for saying this.. but hear me out…

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Resolution List?

Happy Holidays!! Wanted to share this little epiphany I had a few days ago about a key element that is stopping me from achieving my dream of reaching financial success throughย doing what I love, it’s the same thing that stops anyone from taking action towards achieving their wishes and goals. You’ll see what I mean….

Treating Yourself Like a Precious Jewel Will Make You Stronger.

What makes us out-of-proportionally unhappy/angry/sad in response to a situation, or someone’s actions?

Dreaming of Success!!!

More On Time, and How to Have a Powerful Relationship With It

I hope that this video helps with the earlier goalย of breaking the belief of “not having enough time”. I alsoย provide a few steps that could help you in creating an empowering schedule that includes the things you love, and the things you must do.