The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein

Here is one of my favorite stories that illustrates the point made in my sister’s blog so beautifully!

Mirror Work

Body Image


I woke up later than what I had set as much challenge, but despite it all I took my cold shower.

Last night I thought: “Tomorrow I’ll take a warm shower to relax”, but this morning, I just felt like a cold shower was needed. so after I jump right under, It felt cleansed, in a spiritual way. My mind started to quite. I felt so calm and relaxed, like a load was taken off my shoulders.

I always make up songs under the cold shower, and today, Inspired by Ibeyi’s River

(not the same beat) I sang “I come to you water” ” I give you this load” “take it all away” “wash me with love”. It felt so nurturing, which is what I needed after yesterday’s frustration.

I also forgot to share the video blog inspired by my morning pages from the day before so here it is..

Transcending Suffering:

I have realized that I just need to be.. doing has it’s place, but being is so important for sanity!

Today I will heal myself.

Treating Yourself Like a Precious Jewel Will Make You Stronger.

Dreaming of Success!!!

Oprah is awesome!!! Yes, still!!

MY wonderful childhood friend shared this interview with me after seeing my blog activities, and boy did it come at a right time. Oprah says everything I want to say in this interview,Β and thanks to her fame, she reaches more people, and leaves a bigger impact. YAY! Go Oprah!! Anyway.. if you don’t believe me.. watch her.. and trust Oprah, she has lead a truly wonderful life. She is successful financially and spiritually! What else could a person want from life? hehe..

So here it is, if you haven’t seen it!