A Life Candy or a Partner? 

A Life Candy or a Partner? 

Love this post by my sisterhood! Think about this: What do you expect from your partner? Happiness? Love? Security? My experience has shown that you can’t feel what you don’t already have inside you. No one can give you those things.. it is on you to find it.. in the mirror.. for yourself! Then you can feel the love and happiness and security with someone else! You also can’t provide it for anyone else! You are not responsible for other people’s happiness.. you can only hold their hand as they go through their own journey.. two whole pieces walking together.. not two broken pieces try to complete each other!


This being human

I remember that weekend day in Spring of 2010 so vividly when I was down and disappointed over my last relationship which had not worked out. My dad who had been sick for a while but tried to go for daily walks asked me to go for a walk with him. As we slowly walked to his pace, he asked me why I was down. I normally didn’t like sharing my emotions with my parents especially my dad because there was always a lesson he would give me in it, but my dad had changed in the last years of his life. He had stopped preaching and started being more real.  So I took a chance. I told him I was disappointed… why was it so easy for my friends to be with someone and I couldn’t?…. I remember how angry I got at his answer, when he said “well…

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Insecure or Confident?

Insecure or Confident?

I was a little late in sharing my sister’s last post, and she just posted this new one titled “insecure or confident”. I can so relate to this as I struggle to accept myself, insecurities and “imperfections” and all!!!

This being human

I don’t know what age I was…maybe 18… maybe younger, when I heard phrases like “Confidence is the most important thing”, “Confidence is sexy”, “Confidence is the most attractive attribute of a woman”
Whenever I had insecure thoughts in my head, which were not uncommon, especially when it came to how I looked, it would quickly follow by the acute realization that I am not confident since I have these thoughts.
I would sometimes see these women who seemed to somehow embody confidence in my eyes. Most times I didn’t really know them well. Maybe it was at a party, I would see a girl who didn’t seem shy, was beautiful, had a perfect body, or dressed beautifully, or seemed to have an air of detached-ness about her, or maybe a handsome or seemingly “cool” man next to her, looking at her with desire.
Without really knowing anything about her, merely…

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This being single

This being single

I am so happy and proud that my sister started her blog. She has always been my teacher and source of inspiration. Growing up, she was always interested in the deeper meaning of life and self and encouraged me to pursue the same, and it is because of her that I started my spiritual journey, and it is so comforting knowing that she is by side in this journey. I think that you will find her blog posts heartfelt and inspiring.

This being human

For the past 12 years or more, since my last relationship of almost 10 years ended, I thought I’d just meet someone and get married like every woman I know. And although secretly marriage and kids scared me but the idea of that woman who is 40, alone, unmarried, no kids, pitied and judged scared the shit out of me.
So in these years of confusion I kept wondering why I can’t, like most of my friends, just click with someone. Why is it so hard?
 And of course every friend or aquaintance who learns that indeed I do want a partner but don’t have one yet, offers advice. “You are probably too picky”, “You probably pick the wrong guys”, “You must not really want marriage subconsciously”. A teacher told me that once I fully loved all aspects of myself the right guy will show up right in front of…

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Love this photo and poem shared by fellow blogger!

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“Become earth, that you may grow flowers of many colours … once, for the sake of experiment, be earth.”

– Rumi

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