“Creating an Empowering Relationship with Time”- Steps To Follow With the Video

I created these steps based on what I have read in “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

1. Break down your disempowering beliefs about time using the steps in the “Time” video. 

-Some disabling beliefs are: “I don’t have enough time to do the things I want.” “Time goes by so fast.”

2. Make a list of everything you want to do, and everything you have to do.

-Make a detailed list that includes all the little things, like taking a shower, getting ready for work, sitting in traffic. Don’t forget to include all of these items, since they do take a portion of your day.

3. Question why you have not done the tasks that you want to and have to do, besides not having time. 

-Is it because you feel like you are not good at it? It takes too long? It’s too hard? Others will make fun of you? Others will think its not important? Others might believe you are taking time away from family? It’s selfish?

4. Write down your beliefs about the tasks you haven’t done do to “lack of time” and break those disempowering beliefs. 

-For example: You want to bake, but you never find the time. Your beliefs might be: “Baking will take time from my family.” “Baking is not important, because its a leisure activity that I am just doing for myself.” “I am not good at baking.” “There is no one to bake for.” “Baking is a waste of time, because I wont get anything out of it (like money).” etc.

-Use the steps in “How our Beliefs Shape US” video to break the disempowering beliefs about the task that you deep down wish you had time to do, or really want to do.

5. Use the 6 steps in the “Perfectionism” video to create the urgency needed for the task you’d like to accomplish. It will help you create new habits. 

6. Make a schedule, without any set times, only categorizing by the frequency each task needs to be done and its importance.

-Look at the task in terms of a month, or two weeks period, instead weekly, or daily.

7. Write a daily equation for the tasks!! (hehe.. i know it sounds mathematical but it’s simpler than it sounds.)

-How many hours do you have to sleep to feel refreshed?

-What time must you wake up, or do you like to wake up, what time do want to go to sleep?

-Write down (realistically) how long all your daily tasks (which you categorized in the last question) take you to complete.

-Now plug in all the other tasks based on their frequency and importance into any spare time left.

8. Focus on your set plan. Remember the way you planned things is to empower you and make you less stressed, so to feel peace and happiness daily you must follow the plan. 

-Unless it’s an emergency, say no to others. It’s ok to spend time for yourself. Love yourself. Make yourself and your desires as important as your family. If you don’t give yourself time and only say “yes” to what others ask of you, you will become resentful.

-Don’t ditch your dance lesson to help a friend move, unless doing this makes you feel more empowered, in tune with your inner truth, and more peaceful in the long run.

-If you are having trouble focusing on a task, change your feelings about that task by changing your beliefs and habits stated in steps 3 and 5.

I will create a sample and post that to show what it really looks like to do this.

Please let me know if you decide to follow these steps, and if it helped you. Leave a comment.  Thanks! 🙂

More On Time, and How to Have a Powerful Relationship With It

I hope that this video helps with the earlier goal of breaking the belief of “not having enough time”. I also provide a few steps that could help you in creating an empowering schedule that includes the things you love, and the things you must do.

Oprah is awesome!!! Yes, still!!

MY wonderful childhood friend shared this interview with me after seeing my blog activities, and boy did it come at a right time. Oprah says everything I want to say in this interview, and thanks to her fame, she reaches more people, and leaves a bigger impact. YAY! Go Oprah!! Anyway.. if you don’t believe me.. watch her.. and trust Oprah, she has lead a truly wonderful life. She is successful financially and spiritually! What else could a person want from life? hehe..

So here it is, if you haven’t seen it!

Writing is fun too!! :D

Haven’t had a chance to make videos for the past two days, mainly because I haven’t been able to write my magic pages (aka morning pages from The Artist’s Way), but I was reading my entries from 3 years ago, and was filled with pride for having had the idea to create this blog!! hehe.. props to me..

No, but really, I am happy to have this record of what it takes to start a jewelry studio, and the journey I took, and being able to compare my state from a year ago to how I feel now. I highly recommend keeping a journal, or a blog.

I think many times when we are going through challenges in life and we are struggling, it feels like we are the only one. Everyone around seems to be just fine, and, well, the thoughts that come to mind are “what’s wrong with me?” and “why am I the only person that is struggling with this thing?”, but the fact is that others are struggling, you are just not in their heads to know what they are struggling with, so it looks like they are fine with everything.

I made this blog to let anyone who might be going through similar struggles as me to know that s/he is not alone!! I hope it helps to know that.

If you go through life’s motions, without giving it a thought, you might feel that everything is OK, and maybe it is, but if you ever happen to accidentally step back from the constant “doing” and examine it for a second, then you’ll notice that it becomes very hard to be satisfied with “OK”.

Which, maybe randomly, brings me to these questions: What is happiness? What constitutes a happy life?

I know they are cheesy questions that you have probably heard a million times, but have you really thought about them? Have you wondered if you are happy? (You may want to look and see if you have any destructive habits, or external escape routs, like pills, alcohol, over eating, etc., before answering this question!)

If you feel annoyed, uncomfortable, and uneasy by the questions, you are having normal reactions, because the thought of having to change in anyway is scary and uncomfortable. We rather swim in a sewage that we know well, than to step into a clear turquoise blue ocean that we are not familiar with.

If you are ready for clear waters, watch the videos, subscribe, and read on, you might find a way there from here. 🙂


Jealousy, not that any of us get jealous or anything!


Kick Start Your Dream….

“Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend” Children’s Book

I absolutely hate that it takes me so long to come back to write again. I always have so much that I want to tell you and so I always wait for the perfect time when I can sit for a couple of hours and just write.

Well, it’s just not practical, so I am resorting to a little posts, but hopefully more frequent.

I am writing to tell you about two websites that have just baffled my mind. Actually I have to say that what shocks me more is that I had not heard about these sites sooner. When I learned about these two sites I felt the need to tell everyone I know immediately, but then when I started telling people, they weren’t so shocked, in fact they knew about it all along.

Anyway.. I hope I didn’t built up your expectation too much…

So the sites are:




The significance of both these sites is that it is where YOUR creative amazing ideas can get funded. Everyday people helping each other reach their dreams and goals.

Ok… say you have a brilliant idea, like making 500 pairs of earrings for a gallery show, to donate, or to give as gifts. You have the talent, but, you don’t have the money for the materials, tools, and to hire help, so at this point, maybe you get discouraged, and you think “oh well, it’s never gonna happen” or you ask a few friends and family, and they love the idea, but they can only help a little bit, which wont nearly cover the entire cost.

What Kickstar and Indiegogo both do is they connect your brilliant idea to your social network and beyond, giving people who love your idea a chance to support it. As simple as that.

You don’t have to pay any money to put your project up, there is no starting cost. All rights to your ideas are yours, they don’t become share holders, they simply donate. Of course, you can increase their incentive to donate by providing a “reward” such as a handmade thank you card for a donation of $5.00 or a handmade pin for a donation of $20. I think you get my drift. Those who run the website get 4% of your money when your goal is reach and you have received it.

This is the point where my beautiful, wonderful cousin pointed out that people can and in fact do lie and can just take the money and do absolutely nothing with it but fund their indulgences.

This is definitely a possibility but it is an amazing thing that, despite this, projects are being funded everyday, which means, in the face of the darkness that exists, people are willing to take a leap of faith.

Now differences between the two site:

Kickstarter has more restrictions on the type of projects that can be presented (there are no projects saying “please help me pay my loans”!), and because of this the site seems more reputable and legitimate. However, a big downfall of Kickstart is that if you do not reach the exact amount of your goal (which you set for yourself) you don’t get any of the money.  Your donators don’t get charged until you reach your deadline (which you also set for yourself (30-60 days)), so if you only reach $1500 of your $2000 goal by the end of your deadline you will get $0.

Indiegogo is much more liberal in what can be funded, and hence has those people who are looking for funds to “pay for their sick child” or “pay for their educational trip to Paris”, but believe it or not even those “projects” are being funded. A great perk of this site is that it has a “flexible” plan, which means that you can keep what ever amount you manage to raise in your given time even if it’s way below your set goal. The site however takes 9% of your total if the goal is not reached completely and 4% of it if it’s reached.

So there you have it!! Isn’t this amazing?? I really think that something like this should be shared!! There is plenty of support to go around to everyone, so share the love and tell people!!

And now that you have no financial excuse to hold you back, the two things you have to think about are…

“What is my passion calling me to do? and What is stopping me now?”

These are the questions I am contemplating on!

ps. so much for a short post!!!