I woke up later than what I had set as much challenge, but despite it all I took my cold shower.

Last night I thought: “Tomorrow I’ll take a warm shower to relax”, but this morning, I just felt like a cold shower was needed. so after I jump right under, It felt cleansed, in a spiritual way. My mind started to quite. I felt so calm and relaxed, like a load was taken off my shoulders.

I always make up songs under the cold shower, and today, Inspired by Ibeyi’s River

(not the same beat) I sang “I come to you water” ” I give you this load” “take it all away” “wash me with love”. It felt so nurturing, which is what I needed after yesterday’s frustration.

I also forgot to share the video blog inspired by my morning pages from the day before so here it is..

Transcending Suffering:

I have realized that I just need to be.. doing has it’s place, but being is so important for sanity!

Today I will heal myself.