“Creating an Empowering Relationship with Time”- Steps To Follow With the Video

I created these steps based on what I have read in “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

1. Break down your disempowering beliefs about time using the steps in the “Time” video. 

-Some disabling beliefs are: “I don’t have enough time to do the things I want.” “Time goes by so fast.”

2. Make a list of everything you want to do, and everything you have to do.

-Make a detailed list that includes all the little things, like taking a shower, getting ready for work, sitting in traffic. Don’t forget to include all of these items, since they do take a portion of your day.

3. Question why you have not done the tasks that you want to and have to do, besides not having time. 

-Is it because you feel like you are not good at it? It takes too long? It’s too hard? Others will make fun of you? Others will think its not important? Others might believe you are taking time away from family? It’s selfish?

4. Write down your beliefs about the tasks you haven’t done do to “lack of time” and break those disempowering beliefs. 

-For example: You want to bake, but you never find the time. Your beliefs might be: “Baking will take time from my family.” “Baking is not important, because its a leisure activity that I am just doing for myself.” “I am not good at baking.” “There is no one to bake for.” “Baking is a waste of time, because I wont get anything out of it (like money).” etc.

-Use the steps in “How our Beliefs Shape US” video to break the disempowering beliefs about the task that you deep down wish you had time to do, or really want to do.

5. Use the 6 steps in the “Perfectionism” video to create the urgency needed for the task you’d like to accomplish. It will help you create new habits. 

6. Make a schedule, without any set times, only categorizing by the frequency each task needs to be done and its importance.

-Look at the task in terms of a month, or two weeks period, instead weekly, or daily.

7. Write a daily equation for the tasks!! (hehe.. i know it sounds mathematical but it’s simpler than it sounds.)

-How many hours do you have to sleep to feel refreshed?

-What time must you wake up, or do you like to wake up, what time do want to go to sleep?

-Write down (realistically) how long all your daily tasks (which you categorized in the last question) take you to complete.

-Now plug in all the other tasks based on their frequency and importance into any spare time left.

8. Focus on your set plan. Remember the way you planned things is to empower you and make you less stressed, so to feel peace and happiness daily you must follow the plan. 

-Unless it’s an emergency, say no to others. It’s ok to spend time for yourself. Love yourself. Make yourself and your desires as important as your family. If you don’t give yourself time and only say “yes” to what others ask of you, you will become resentful.

-Don’t ditch your dance lesson to help a friend move, unless doing this makes you feel more empowered, in tune with your inner truth, and more peaceful in the long run.

-If you are having trouble focusing on a task, change your feelings about that task by changing your beliefs and habits stated in steps 3 and 5.

I will create a sample and post that to show what it really looks like to do this.

Please let me know if you decide to follow these steps, and if it helped you. Leave a comment.  Thanks! 🙂