Vipassana, I have waited too long, it is now time!

Today life took a twisted turn, a turn similar to others it has taken before. These kind of turns would normally put me in long periods of self-hate and depression. My mind would normally go frantic trying to solve the problem at hand, feeling stuck in a hole with no way out.

I did feel a bit that way today, but thanks to my meditations and mindfulness practices I feel more together than I would normally feel.

I know what you might be thinking. “What happened?” Well I just don’t think it’s relevant, what is relevant is that it caused suffering, and how to deal with the suffering is what we can all relate to. The cause of suffering might be different for each person, but the solution will always be the same.

Observe your thoughts, observe, observe, observe, try not to identify. Go back to your breath. Which is why I have decided to do the 10-day Vipassana meditation. There is a long waiting list, but hopefully I can get in soon. I will tell you a little more about this soon.

I want to share this thought that came to my head as I was sitting in my patio garden. There are a few trees around the place that have rooted into the ground from the drain-holes of their original containers. I thought: isn’t it amazing? Here is a little tree in a little container and suddenly it feels a hole in the container and reaches out, it feels dirt and it digs in, it becomes rooted in the solid vast ground and despite what seemed like impenetrable limitations, creates deep strong roots and brakes out of its container. Literally! The container might be around it, but it is broken and no longer hinders the tree’s growth. The tree then grows so tall, it seems to reach the sky.

I feel like this is symbolic for humans. We must get rooted, we must find even the tiniest windowΒ outside of our suffering, and run our roots deep into our found salvation, until we break the barriers of suffering completely. Then we will reach our full potential as human beings.

Okay back to VipassanaΒ (click to go to website), I will let the clip speak for me.

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